Phases Of Abundance – Tillellan

I've never heard so many Sacred Kingfishers around the place before. It's unusual yet fantastic. I've also started noticing the Citrus Swallowtails are emerging as are the Vine Moths now that there is an abundance of fresh, green, tender leaves on the grape vines. I have also heard many cicadas at the new garden and … Continue reading Phases Of Abundance – Tillellan

Neighbours : Fences & Hedges & The Things In-Between

We've spent a decent amount of time at the new garden over the last few weeks and it has allowed us to chat with old neighbours and meet new ones. As I think I've mentioned before, we're not new to the neighbourhood given that the house has been in my wife's family for some considerable … Continue reading Neighbours : Fences & Hedges & The Things In-Between