Spring Cleaning


So we’re two thirds through Spring and after being out of action for a few days I was ready to set a new course. I wasn’t sure how to articulate this to the rest of the family, so I just started to do it anyway. I guess you could say it was a bit of Spring Cleaning mixed with high expectations to be moving house shortly. There was lots to do after a few days of absence.

After not visiting the garden at Tillellan for a few days I noticed the difference. Taller greens and some flowers blooming. New leaves on some cuttings. Most of the ‘normal’ fruit trees are well advanced but I’d taken a fig that was really just a stick and had been for some time. I thought I’d give it a chance, burying it deep into the richer, wormier* soil. It’s sprouted to life. With this, I have taken over the rest of the tamarillo and mulberry cuttings and planted them out too.

Not surprisingly, the garden was dry after the relentless wind we’ve had – that has persisted the last few days. The garden beds were given a good soak once we’d planted out more propagation pieces and some seedlings. I’m looking forward to having the watering a little more automatic once we move in.

It was really nice to spend some time in the garden. The silverbeet is coming along nicely and we delivered a bunch to the neighbours. Shortly afterwards they gifted us with two baskets from their attic clean out. Perfect for collecting the garden produce as the one we had is rather small when harvesting great bunches of silverbeet. These baskets have been given a wash and dry and are ready for their new and busy life. A lovely little memory too of Grans dear friend who had used the baskets previously.

There were all sorts of different insects making appearances and our first frog in the vegetable garden. This is a good sign. Frogs at our current garden have been a bit hit and miss. Mainly just the burrowing frogs. I suspect that cats may have something to do with it. The frogs just never seemed to stick around.

Surveying the garden scene also gave me some ideas of where to initially move the rabbits when we make the shift. The chickens may be a little trickier at the moment and I may need to make a temporary enclosure for them.

With some decent bunches of silverbeet in hand I had a moment of ‘I’ve made it’, as I reflected on the great bouquets of silverbeet that my grandfather would bring to my family from time to time when I was a youngster. A small but significant gardening moment. And so many more to come as the garden continues to evolve. It’s early days yet.


Mother Hen took her five chicks out for a walk this afternoon abandoning the last egg in the nest and stepping out to take a long overdue dust bath. The other hens are being a bit mothering also, which is nice. Amazing to realise that over night our chook population has doubled.

A hutch was set up with fresh straw ready for keeping them secure and safe at night. I ventured down to the garden in the evening to find her and her brood already nesting in it and ready for nightfall.

*wormier – as in, filled with worms!

One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Silverbeet sounds so much better than chard. I have not grown it in years. It lasted for two years before bolting, and then new shoots came up from the roots! I know that is not how it is supposed to be grown, but it was outside of the vegetable garden, so was not in the way of anything.


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