The Throwing of the Seed

The new garden is bolting. Seeds are ripening and reaching for the sky. It is coming to a close, the initial burst of vigor. Underneath this cloak of leaves and seeding pods are pumpkins and melons. Growing, engorging themselves towards mature fruit. Mrs PP and the Littlest Fella took delight in scattering marigold seed around … Continue reading The Throwing of the Seed

Spring Cleaning

So we're two thirds through Spring and after being out of action for a few days I was ready to set a new course. I wasn't sure how to articulate this to the rest of the family, so I just started to do it anyway. I guess you could say it was a bit of … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Changes to Lifestyle

"... we have found that basic personal habits and behaviours are some of the most difficult and sensitive to deal with, and yet they are at the heart of the ecologically dysfunctional nature of modern society."                        David Holmgren This post will probably be more … Continue reading Changes to Lifestyle

The Rainwater Catchment kicks into Life

It was a disruptive night. Each of our boys took turns to wake us for one thing or another. I found it hard to get back to sleep and then the heavy rain continued and I was lying in bed thinking 'This is the kind of rain we need to make sure the rainwater tank … Continue reading The Rainwater Catchment kicks into Life

Rainwater Storage

Today was marked by the arrival of the two 23 000 litre rainwater tanks. (6075 gallons) I had figured in my head that we would be able to man-handle them down onto the pad when they arrived from the top of the block. I've shifted large tanks at the Community Garden and they are cumbersome … Continue reading Rainwater Storage