The Flowing of the Water

muddy puddle pp

This Little Fella has seen the rise and demise of our previous garden and is now witnessing the revitalising of the soil at Tillellan and the new evolution into what is to come.

Here we are happy to be tapping into greywater and allowing extra water to run between swales and soak into the ground to assist with the breaking and decaying of all manner of stuff that has been buried beneath the garden.

I am hoping that over summer with the added heat and moisture that we will see some rapid decay of materials in the earth and a transformation into rich soil. It always amazes me how much ‘stuff’ we have put into our garden. Cardboard, paper, cotton or linen that has served multiple uses and then is turned to soil. Scrap wood and mulched green waste from our place and family and friends. Leaves from our Highly Productive, Professionally Engineered Leaf Trap and scraps from food preparation in our kitchen. Virtually anything that is of an organic nature that will break down with the assistance of soil life – and water.

This extra water resource is going to make a huge difference to our summer this year and with the addition of a sump pump I have been able to connect the garden hose so that we can water by hand, but without needing watering cans. I don’t have an aversion to watering the garden. It allows me time to take in what is happening and to observe what is growing. How it is doing and to see things that I may not otherwise see.

It has by no means been an easy feat to get this far, but today I saw aspects of what is to come and the little reasons as to why I am persevering through the challenges. It will be a new Little Paradise. It’s just got some stages to pass through.

4 thoughts on “The Flowing of the Water

  1. I also found grey water a massively useful resource in breaking stuff down when it’s too dry – I pump a part of it straight into my compost heaps.
    Oh you’re making progress alright! When one is so involved you “don’t see the woods for the trees” kind of thing. When we started Dreamland, a friend advised me to put a high post in one place and take a photo from it every week or so – I am so sorry I didn’t do it – it would give an amazing time lapse of the progress. But that idea got swamped by the too man things to do too! But in a way your blog does record your progress – just page back a few months and you’ll see how far you have come.


    1. Good to know. I have thought of time lapse too but have settle for just recording the evolution. I may contemplate doing some time lapse when we come to do some of the further earthworks in autumn. Thanks Martin!

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