Frog Pools in the Garden

frog habitats pp

Recently we shifted our small bowls and pool bowls into the vegetable garden to encourage the local frog population into the garden itself. We visited the local pond to collect some gambusia or Mosquito fish. These are an introduced species which we regularly catch to put into our small pools so that any mosquito larvae that hatch out in the pools are eaten by the fish. Any other pots are containers that collect water are tipped out if they don’t contain these fish. We have also used goldfish for this style of eradication program.frog pp

Being an introduced species, the Mosquito fish are highly resilient and will even survive in slightly brackish water. Once the grey water filtration system with the aquatic plants has kicked in to a high level I will also put fish into that system as well for the added bit of diversity and to gauge the water quality.

Having these pools in the garden is also a little bit of added interest for our boys – and the neighbour’s kids!



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