The First Cicada

cicada stand in pp

These little ground dwelling critters that take to the air in Spring are a sure sign that the warmer weather is on the way. I have from year to year taken note of when I heard the first cicada for the Spring and have decided to create this post in order to maintain a specific area to record these observations for easy reference. So here it is thus far:

2019  Friday September 13th. As suspected, the earliest recorded so far. A very mild winter this year.

2021  October 8th

2020  Not found

2019   September 13th

2018   October 6th

2017   September 19th

2016   ?

2015   October 2nd

2014   September 30th

2013   October 17th

2012   ?

2011   October 11th

4 thoughts on “The First Cicada

  1. Very interesting that they appear more than two week later this year (or rather appeared two weeks earlier last year, informally looking at your “average”). In our area, this year feels warmer and definitely is drier than last year – but of course, your climate may be very different.


    1. Well, todays weather is a little more like winter than Spring, but yes, the leaves are new and green and clinging to the trees with great anticipation for the summer ahead. On sunny days they make a lovely dappled shade in the park that some day soon I hope to enjoy with my guitar. Leaning up against a lovely tree and just taking a bit of time out. 🙂

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