October obs

1st week of October – hatchling Wood Ducks out and about at Eyre Park.

4 th Oct – First Diamond Back moth sighted.

5th Oct – first Orchard Swallowtail spotted in the garden. Twenty-eight Spotted Bugs around the garden.

6th Oct – First cicada heard in the garden. I thought I heard one yesterday while driving but wasn’t sure. Kept an ear out though! Quite a humid and warm day.

8th of October – Flock of about 15 White-tailed Black Cockatoos flying over and up the mountain.

9th of October – Three Red-tailed Black Cockatoos flying across the mountain side. A Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike was heard while I was in the garden today.

The first of the March flies appears. On me. My arm. Ouch!

13 October – Long-necked Turtles on the move to lay eggs near Lake Seppings. Sunny morning, quite humid, 10am  downpour of rain. Sunny and humid afternoon. Which is when we saw most of the tortoise movement.

24th First noticed Coot chicks down at the park pond. Probably a week of age.

26 October 18 Winter Permaine Apple has blossoms. Purple Vetch is flowering and the Oats are starting to finish up. Red Mustard, Rocket and Broccoli harvested for seeds and hung to dry out.

29th of October 18 – a Western Snake-necked Turtle appears in our own backyard, supposedly to lay its eggs! Mrs PP handled the situation well.


petitparadis spring 2018


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