Spinach Head

spinach pp

With the threat of eating too much of this  . . .

and turning into one of these . . .

spinach head pp

I recently harvested a bunch of greens to blanch and freeze for easy additions to breakfast meals and other dishes we might prepare throughout the course of a week. There are some objections to including such a readily available leafy green into the diet. In no particular order . . .

  1. Little Fella # 2, and
  2. GRAN

I myself have not found spinach, silverbeet or chards to be a problem to eat. I’m sure I’ve also had some pretty average meals with them growing up, but it hasn’t caused any long term afflictions or aversions to my knowledge.

To be fair, The Little Fellas will try it, and quite often eat it, depending on how small I cut it up and what it is put with. Gran on the other hand won’t touch the stuff.


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