October obs

1st week of October - hatchling Wood Ducks out and about at Eyre Park. 4 th Oct - First Diamond Back moth sighted. 5th Oct - first Orchard Swallowtail spotted in the garden. Twenty-eight Spotted Bugs around the garden. 6th Oct - First cicada heard in the garden. I thought I heard one yesterday while … Continue reading October obs

Petit Paradis in Collage

The Eighth instalment of our annual bit of artwork tracking the Two Little Fellas. This year, on a whim, our youngest Little Fella takes the stage given that he's played smaller roles in previous pictures and I loved how he embraced his nature playground in the garden - quite literally. Over the years friends and … Continue reading Petit Paradis in Collage

Australian Bird of the Year 2017

The Guardian is running the Australian Bird of the Year poll for 2017 in partnership with BirdLife Australia. The finalists were narrowed down based on recommendations from Guardian readers, Guardian staff and BirdLife Australia. Now The Guardian is calling on the Australian public to select their favourite native bird from the short list. The poll … Continue reading Australian Bird of the Year 2017

White Ibis Survey

This follows the post on the National Australian White Ibis Survey running this week. The boys and I were up early this morning. Nothing unusual about that really. Although a lone bush walker met us on the path to our morning outing and made comment. "How did you get them up so early?" "Trust me, … Continue reading White Ibis Survey

Australian White Ibis Survey

  I plan to do the usual bird survey this year during Bird Week, between the 23rd and 29th of October 2017. Also this year I will look at doing the National Australian White Ibis survey as well, given that we are going to be living much closer to one of the local wetland areas. … Continue reading Australian White Ibis Survey