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Summer Rain

After the ‘heat wave’ of the last couple of weeks we received a reprieve today with some decent rainfall. Though not particularly heavy, I am hoping it is enough to allow rain to penetrate a little further into the sand … Continue reading

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1st January 2020

  Some thoughts . . . It has been said that in the before time, our nation was not covered so much by eucalypts. As in, they were not the dominant tree species that we have today in Australia. But … Continue reading

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Prescribed Burns

This is the map for the southern half of Western Australia for Saturday the 21st of December 2019 – from the Emergency website. These are all prescribed burns except for one on Mount Melville here in town which was reported … Continue reading

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The Big Dry

I have not spent much time in the garden, aside from the morning and afternoon check and water. The days have been warm. Almost a heat-wave you could say for the last week or so. It has me pondering over … Continue reading

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The Very Large Hole in our Backyard is Closing Up

There is a large hole in our backyard. It’s not in the ground, but above our heads. Here in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia I’ve felt the sun like I have not felt the sun anywhere else in … Continue reading

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