The Soaking of the Soil

groundlevel pp

We have had recent rains these past weeks. Some decent, some not so decent. But the garden has been catered for, though it is starting to dry quickly now. The Rain Tanks are close to full though and we are utilising the greywater more efficiently. So I have allowed for a trickling of water to saturate the mound gardens in an effort to assist with the rapid break-down of the carbon collective that lies beneath the soil.

There is a mass burial of tree trunks, cardboard boxes, waste paper, linen, food scraps and all manner of associated stuff. The fungal world is busy with breaking it down and if I can get the job done sooner than later with the added benefit of ample water at the moment, then so be it.

For next summer I am wishing to have a garden that is a little more structured so that I can accommodate increased food supply for the family and seed saving. To assist with this I need a slightly larger area than is currently under the cover of plants. So this past year has been aimed at turning the hoarded ‘waste’ products that we have collected, into soil that will cover the surface of coastal sand that we have.

It has been working. As I created new beds this spring, I was discovering an amazing top soil that was started last spring by the few beds I put in with the addition of horse manure, cardboard, wastepaper and newspaper. Some of the posts from around this time are Thoughts From A Scattered Paddock and The New Earth. This process is going to be a continuing cycle however, of constantly adding material to the soil mulch it and build the soil up – to maintain it. This is where the trees will come into play adding their leaves and twigs and providing mulch – but for the moment they are still so small and not yet planted out into their final places. All in good time.

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