The New Earth

The image of clean green technology where we do not need to mess with nature or kill anything to provide for our needs is in the final analysis, an illusion. That illusion appears to have substance only because generations of the world’s most affluent urbanites have been disconnected from nature.

The above quote is from David Holmgren’s book PERMACULTURE: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability.

It is such an articulate way of saying what I have been thinking about for so many years and what I have been witnessing these past weeks whilst moving plants, talking to new neighbours and listening to and observing the world around me. At times it has occurred to me that we have nice thoughts, but as a global community we are lacking action.

I  met David Holmgren some years ago when he was speaking in Fremantle. We happened to be in Perth, the stars aligned and I got to have a chat. There is a lot to digest in his book and I am constantly struck by the absence of such ideas and notions from mainstream media. It doesn’t surprise me, but I can see it coming one day out of necessity – rather than mild interest.

David writes about moving beyond mere sustainability. We have to go further than just being sustainable. This is my goal with Tillellan. Going further than we originally conceived we would, or could. Hence the recent adjustment to our description for this blog.

We are taking in green waste from other gardens, newspapers from other sources, cardboard boxes from multiple places. It is very reminiscent of when we first started to create soil at petit paradis. My mind drifts along such thoughts as ‘What if every fourth house in the street did this sort of thing with their garden? There just wouldn’t be a fraction of the waste going to land fill. And the produce grown could go to the houses that supplied materials.’

Some of our neighbours grow vegetables amongst their roses and their few fruit trees are abundant with fruit. In fact, there is a little collective of neighbours all doing a little. To sustain our family, I know I have to do a bit more. And then some. But I’m up to the challenge.

I’m happy for you to follow the journey. Come. . .




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