A New Vision


This morning I was fortunate to have a friend come and take some images from his drone for me to use to develop my design a little further. I have been looking for current satellite images of the property but have not been able to find any this side of last summer. Using triangulation to map out the block has been confusing, and tricky working with the odd shape of the block and several changes in slope.

From this image you can see the newly renovated house just beyond the retaining wall that stretches the width of the block. Then the vegetable beds for spring and summer with the empty pots to the left. Along the neighbours shed I have started to plant out the wormwood for the hedge-fence.

I’ve also started to stack up a bunch of materials around the tanks for creating garden beds. The dilemma for me at this point is working around the temporary placement of the rainwater tanks – which in reality could be there for some years yet.

At any rate I have started to look at a plan in stages to get around this. It will simply take longer than originally hoped for.

My long-term vision for the site has kind of reverted back to one of the first concepts I had of the block, though I have yet to illustrate this idea.

The good news is that the vegetable garden is starting to provide a modest amount of regular greens for us. Nearly everything that was transplanted into it has taken and thrived with the quality of the soil underneath and the occasional rains and watering. We still do not have the greywater system working so hopefully we still get the odd shower from time to time to keep things growing well.

I also noticed today that the tagasaste seeds that I first planted some weeks ago are starting to shoot and push the soil up. As a result I have continued to treat further seeds and plant them so that I can get quite a number of decent trees to forest the back of the block. These will not be long-term trees but will add some temporary privacy from the top road and supply good quality feed for the animals on a regular basis.


2 thoughts on “A New Vision

  1. Really nice view! It’s great you have a big park out front – your own council sponsored lawn šŸ™‚ What intrigues me though – it seems you want to move the water tanks at a later stage? Even with only 10cm of water in (up to the outlet) how can you move such a big heavy tank?


  2. Hi Rennhackkamp, these tanks were man-handled into position. Awkward, but okay with several helpers. The benefit of a poly tank. Their final position would simply be a shifting sideways across the block and onto a more permanent concrete base, being the base of a small dwelling. You are right that with any amount of water in them they would not move so easily, so when the time came it would (hopefully) be a strategised event.

    Not being one to have lawn that needs maintaining we are grateful for the large park across the road. I saw a site the other day where someone had several acres of gentle sloping land that they regularly needed to mow. No livestock, no productive outputs. Just a big expanse of lawn that they dutifully mowed on a regular basis. Such a waste. J


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