Chocolate for Tuesday, Gran & Black Beans

chocolate ppPicture this – One night this past week,  . . . Mrs PP had dished a bit of salad out for Gran (you should read this post Gran’s Diabetic Garden first) who then immediately and carefully, pushes the cucumber and lettuce to the side of her plate.

While Mrs PP has her back to the table fixing dinner, Gran lifts her plate and deftly flicks the offending salad items back into the salad bowl in one simple, clean, silent, sweep. She then contentedly settles in to eat her roasted white potato and suck the meat off her chicken wings.

Meanwhile the Little Fellas are debating the why’s and wherefore of Strawberry Hill Farm and how it got its name. Both have specific knowledge on the matter and both think they have a winning reason.

And me, Daddy. Man of the House. . .  I stare vacantly at the broccoli bowl almost non compos mentis after a taxing day of physical work, not much food and little rest. I’m taking in all that is going on around me, but for all intents and purposes, I’m probably looking quite vague and just a little ‘checked out’.

I am tired and worn out and quite frankly – I’ve had enough.


And so tonight, after I got home from work and there waiting for me was a lovely Beef in Black Bean Sauce dish waiting for me I was delighted to sit down by myself and enjoy the meal in relative peace while Gran watched her evening cooking and renovation shows in her bedroom and the Little Fellas had story time in theirs.

After the evening rituals of teeth cleaning, story time and Gran’s Tea & Biscuits, Mrs PP joins me in the kitchen.

“That was really nice that dinner.” I said.

“I thought it was too. The boys complained about the capsicum and Gran just asked if we could have a sweet curry some night.”

Now, you just know what’s gonna be on the menu for next week don’t you !!!!!

And you know your gonna read about it right here!


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