Petit Paradis – Soup du jour – Cream of Vegetable

I was preparing sauerkraut late at night in the kitchen. I had some of the nice outer leaves of green, crispy cabbages from the Farmer's Market and a few other bits and pieces that I really thought would do better inside me than the compost bucket. I chopped them up roughly and put them into … Continue reading Petit Paradis – Soup du jour – Cream of Vegetable

Gran Re-Booted (& Magpie Mimicry)

At the start of November, Gran took ill. Really ill. My wife made phone calls to nursing staff and after no change in Grans condition, an ambulance. Much to the entertainment of the Little Fellas, it took four ambulance volunteers to get Gran sorted and out of the house safely in the cool of evening. … Continue reading Gran Re-Booted (& Magpie Mimicry)

Recent Activity

After the extraordinary weather last week, beautiful, fine sunny, quite summer-like and then an absolutely contrasting Good Friday (rain, hail, chilly temperatures) - we are back into summery days again. In fact, we have been since Saturday! With an urgency I have been rising in the morning and getting into the garden, where possible, without … Continue reading Recent Activity