Mild Weather Workout

Today I was up early and working between houses. Progress is being made, but there is still not enough time in the day and too few lifetimes. The main priority today was getting to the rabbits. Spot needed more attention to her ears and her hutch moved whilst the other rabbits also needed a move … Continue reading Mild Weather Workout

Spring Kits

Our wayward rabbit Spot, was finally captured again about a week ago. She'd been quite happy roaming the garden and neighbouring blocks for about three weeks. And as things tend to occur around here, if it's not one thing, it's another. At least for the time being. So I was busy getting stuff sorted with … Continue reading Spring Kits


We don't need to go too far out of town to be able to see Kangaroos. They mingle in the fields with cattle and sheep, grazing on the grass and lazing under trees in the heat of the day. Much the same as our guinea pigs and rabbits. Eat, eat, eat, slumber. Rpt. Our rabbits … Continue reading Grazers

Rabbit Welfare

Today the rabbit kits are thirteen days of age. Their eyes had now opened and they are moving about. One of the kits was making its first outing into the hutch from the nest. Prodding Blackberry for a bit of milk, though Blackberry was not willing to allow such a treat without the other two … Continue reading Rabbit Welfare

A Nest of Kits

Blackberry has three remaining kits. All looking well fed and healthy so we are hoping she will nurture them through successfully. Mrs PP has been placing the smallest of the three on top of the other two at regular times throughout the day in the hope that this smaller one will be closer to a … Continue reading A Nest of Kits