Wood Ducks, Patience and Working at Heights

The local Wood Ducks are seeking higher ground. It's going to be a sore point this year. Our chimneys are gone. The ducks loved our chimneys. They would stand atop them and croon and quack and carry on with one another. Have little discussions about the inclement weather and how they might go about finding … Continue reading Wood Ducks, Patience and Working at Heights

Seasonal Observations for Oct:2017

October 2017 - Nyoongar season of Kambarang 22nd - Watercress in the waterways is flowering abundantly. Vine Moth are active around the grape vines. 24th - Tiny, tiny parasitic wasps observed on the Walking Stick Cabbage that is in flower. I didn't check it for caterpillars, but this is usually a sign that they are … Continue reading Seasonal Observations for Oct:2017

Aussie Backyard Bird Count Begins

We were up and counting before breakfast and I'm certain just the intention behind looking for bird activity produced some rather interesting discoveries. Click here for further info. In the twenty minute slot we sighted 10 different species and 41 birds altogether including a raptor which is uncommon (but not unusual) but hey, if you're … Continue reading Aussie Backyard Bird Count Begins

Captured Observations

Some observations I really wanted to put down in writing today, before it becomes tomorrow... There are more cicadas calling now. It makes me happy to hear them. The big, green crickets have started calling too. I'm sorry, but BIG, GREEN CRICKET is about as scientifically-speechified as I can be at the moment. I'll update … Continue reading Captured Observations

Zoning Out from The House – Permaculture Zones : Part One

Part One - Zero to Abundance I find it pays to refresh the mind of concepts from time to time. Each time I take a look at zones there is a different mind-set of learning and experience that views the zones and my approach to them differently. Mostly due to a different piece of land … Continue reading Zoning Out from The House – Permaculture Zones : Part One