Bullfrog’s Choral Choir

The big Bullfrog is calling away happily through all of the day and all of the night. He puffs up his throat and croaks and croons. He is happy in the greywater filter pond where he has taken up simply floating around the ponds surface and basking in the sun. At odd times a female might float by and he will try to get closer though they do not seem so keen recently.

frogs pp

The Little Fellas have counted up to six frogs around the pond at any one time. They can be found in the most obscure places. One is currently camped under the plastic pot I have covering the pump’s power switch. I suspect she’s been camped there for a few days and hasn’t bothered to stray.

I like the frog calls as I wander around the garden. It is a soothing sound along with the running water. I find it relaxing in comparison to the noise and chaos of the house. Today we had a cool morning, followed by a rather hot mid-morning and by half one we had a rapid drop in temperature followed by rain showers!

Keeps the frogs happy.


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