Births, Deaths & Rebirths

frog pp

Just a quick update. Spot managed to nurse her offspring through nearly two whole days but they either missed a feed and or got cold – or most likely both – and we eventually lost the whole litter.

We are keeping a watch on her too as it is not uncommon for rabbits to carry babies after already having a litter. I picked her up to feel for any movement and she is still quite big for her size. So, despite not feeling any movement we will keep a close watch.

The guinea pigs have been rounded up and had their hutches moved. The girls are all together again and Robert is back to his little bachelor pad.

In amongst all the action and sadness I discovered that our persimmon tree which sat looking quite dead despite all the other fruit trees showing signs of life – has at least budded up right under my nose and has beautiful new growth sprouting forth.

Our water tanks have overflowed again after recent showers which did not appear that profound but were clearly enough to top the tanks up again. This has  given rise to new little pockets of growth in the upper part of the block.

In clearing up parts of the garden I have discovered a new world coming to life from the disruption of the renovation and earth moving. Where grass has overgrown in areas there are pockets of frogs sheltering. I rescued a baby King Skink from a bowl of water this morning. I thought it was a frog with a pointed nose only to find a baby skink had fallen in and was doing its best to keep its head out of the water. I put it on the grass and it happily took off into the cool and shelter of the grass and rocks nearby.

So taking a que from what I have observed, I moved several of the water bowls and tubs further down into the vegetable garden to  where I can keep them topped up during summer and the frogs can come and go into the garden beds as they please whilst still having a lovely shaded pool when required. I have not seen any signs of frogs breeding but it may not be the breeding season at the present.

The kikuyu grass up on the top bank is really thick. I have gradually been getting it down to a low height and have been bagging up the clippings to rot down and use in the garden beds or compost bins.

There is still much to do of course but it is looking so much tidier and I can access the timber I need for the projects that will no doubt fill the summer. More soon.

5 thoughts on “Births, Deaths & Rebirths

  1. Aren’t persimmon trees normally a bit later than the others? Almost all of our fruit trees are stone fruits, which bloom quite early. Only the apples and pears are late. If I remember correctly, the persimmon is even later than the apples and pears. I suppose it depends on the weather. They respond differently to different variables.


    1. I’m not all that familiar with the tree yet Tony. We get the fruit when in season, though I wouldn’t say its a popular fruit here. It was looking rather dead, but not dead enough to discard so I just kept watering and was patient. I am very keen to plant our trees out, but it’s just not the right time now and I want to make watering them through the summer easy. Thank goodness it’s a long term project!

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  2. I like your idea of little water bowls for the frogs. Ours are breeding like crazy – we get them in our (natural water) pool, so we are constantly relocating them to the pond. You haven’t thought of a small little pond? Little solar pump, etc?
    Good thing your tanks are full!


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