A Happy Hum

The Tahitian Lime is in full swing. By that I mean it is humming! It is laden with fruit and is experiencing another wave of the most wonderfully perfumed flowers. These are being visited by hoards of bees which literally have the tree humming in the warm afternoon light. It is a joy visually as … Continue reading A Happy Hum

The Evolution of Tillellan

And so, little by little, the house becomes a home once again . . . The main entrance and stairway were altered to allow for a less interrupted living area and a double car garage (to make the most of the available space under the house). The Kitchen area was brought to the front of … Continue reading The Evolution of Tillellan

April Update 2018

How the year is moving by. . .   I have been working steadily to complete our last remaining room of the house - the utility room or mudroom. Once I get it completed we can start to move the items that are stored on the back verandah and get some resemblance of normalness occurring. … Continue reading April Update 2018

Fine, Humid, Hazy

It's been really muggy the last few days. We had a shower of rain Tuesday night which freshened the garden up - then the sun came out. I'd like to report that I've progressed things in the garden and built new garden beds, sorted out the animals and got things ready for autumn planting . … Continue reading Fine, Humid, Hazy