A Happy Hum

tahitian lime petit paradis

The Tahitian Lime is in full swing. By that I mean it is humming! It is laden with fruit and is experiencing another wave of the most wonderfully perfumed flowers. These are being visited by hoards of bees which literally have the tree humming in the warm afternoon light. It is a joy visually as well as therapeutic to the ear. The hum emanates through the garden.

It is a pleasant corner of the what has now become ‘the old garden’ now that we have moved to – the new garden. In the corner is the lime tree, a mulberry in a pot, a lemon verbena which I use to flavour tea and a geranium which decided it liked that particular corner also and has set up home under the mulberry.

6 thoughts on “A Happy Hum

  1. How cool! When I grew citrus, we did not grow this one because it was not well suited to our climate. We had a stock tree in the propagation house so that we could grow a few for collectors, but they were not in production. I do not remember if the few trees that we grew were even grafted. The funny thing is that we did grow the Mexican lime, which is not suited to the climate either. We could not convince our clients that they did not really want them. They bought them anyway, and wanted more than we would grow. I really did not like them because I did not like selling them knowing that those who got them would be dissatisfied with them. Bearss lime was our most popular. Taverasse limequat was a nice option that did not mind a bit of frost.


    1. I will miss this tree. When we moved into the house we didn’t even know it was there. It was smothered in a tall rosemary bush. When I pruned the bush I found the lime and potted it. It went ok, but once we planted it back into the garden in a much more suitable location with good sunshine, it has thrived.

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