Mini-Crop Update & Raised Bed One

pp winter salad greens
Lettuce & Bok Choy in a pot for salad greens.

Our little batch of mini-crops (mostly large pots) are doing really well. As with our original Petit Paradis garden, I planted out quite a collection of pots with small, usually mixed vegetables. This was with the intention of at least providing something of home-grown quality instead of relying solely on buying produce in. At least in the interim while we waited for the garden beds to be constructed.

Well, the first garden bed is done and has:

  • a maturing crop of broccoli (which we have started to eat and it is delicious!)
  • a mix of potato varieties
  • several bok choy started from the off-cuts of some we bought and ate
  • silverbeet
  • a self sown pumpkin which is still flowering and has small fruit forming. I’m not sure it will last given we are now entering the depths of our colder months. . . but it is offering some great shelter for the other vegetables at the moment.
  • spring onions
  • shallots
  • broad beans
  • parsnip grown from tops of bought parsnip for collecting fresh seed later
  • leeks started from the bases of bought leek.

And the mini-crop containers are powering along with fava beans, shallots, potatoes, bok choy and parsley. Not that parsley is an issue at the present time. We have a small plantation of the stuff (Flat leafed) between the rainwater tanks resembling celery more than parsley. Its like dinosaur parsley! This has been a tremendous boon for adding some great nutrition to our Stone Soup. More on that later.


2 thoughts on “Mini-Crop Update & Raised Bed One

  1. I would be concerned about root vegetables in pots. I know people do it with small sorts, like radishes and small carrots, but I just do not trust the containers. they seem to be to confined for big roots. I also would want to grow broccoli in the ground, just because it is so bulky.


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