Grey Fantail : Personality with Wings

pp grey fantail antics

The pair of Grey Fantails are so busy in the garden.

Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. . .

They are busy here, there and everywhere. Around me. Next to me. Over me. Under the staircase, on the staircase, perched fleetingly somewhere – then off into the air chasing an insect.

I have thoughts like Grey Fantails.

While I was observing them we were visited by a scrub-wren, Red-eared Firetail Finch and what appeared to be a male Red-winged Fairy Wren. He was quick, a little more secretive and seemed to be camera shy. But amazing plumage and colour for this time of the year.

With regular visits from wrens and finches, amongst other small birds, it is a clear sign to get more shrubs into the design as their favourite predators are also about the place.


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