Gran’s Diabetic Garden

I didn't take a photo for you - but I thought it was glorious. Painted with words my dinner, presented to the family last night was Turmeric Basmati Rice with a Rogan Josh Curry. Freshly blended spices that were so fragrant, intense, pure, exotic. The aroma was alluring. The rice a warm yellow/orange. The curry … Continue reading Gran’s Diabetic Garden

Down Under Christmas Treats

What do you get when you make a gingerbread man person DownUnder? Upside Down little folk that you can Mr Squiggle into Christmas Reindeer! Mrs PP used this gluten free recipe from Evolving Table to put together these biscuits for taking to end of year gatherings. I thought it was a brilliant idea and they … Continue reading Down Under Christmas Treats

Generational Misconduct

Gran opened the fridge door, took a hearty dollop of chilled, gelatinised bone broth from the container and dumped it on her morning porridge. "I thought it was stewed fruit." she said. "No, it wasn't. It was bone broth." said Mrs PP. "It didn't taste very nice." "No." None of us could dispute that. It … Continue reading Generational Misconduct

Sweet Little Creature

Something was not right with our eldest child this morning. He was impish and naughty and totally off his trolley. Just not right. Out of sorts. Out of control. It was about an hour before school and I had just decided to tidy up the pantry in an effort to plan for future meals when … Continue reading Sweet Little Creature