Christmas Day 2020

It was an early start. With two Little Fellas there was no alternative beginning to the day.

We opened some presents and prepared some food. The Little Fellas were excited to be spending Christmas with their Aunty and Uncle. Aunty has been ‘trapped’ overseas during COVID Lockdowns and was only ‘released’ from a stint in quarantine in Perth a little while ago.

It was an overcast day from start to finish, but barmy and comfortable.

We played down at the park. Welcomed our guests and shared lunch. Played at the park some more. The park was amazing. Buzzing with an array or cultures. After living here for some time it has been observed that generally there is a pretty good majority of folks that probably don’t celebrate Christmas as such, and throng to the park to celebrate the day, the weather, family and friends.

The morning seemed to be families celebrating Christmas, whereas from about early afternoon onwards the vibe changed to a different feel. Just families and friends having a good time and playing games and chatting. Kids in the playground. Music in various spots. Cricket games and basketball and football (soccer). It was an awesome atmosphere. I’ve never really seen it like that before.

Later in the evening a truck drove slowly by with a huge bull in the back advertising the coming Rodeo. It was a little bit surreal to see such a huge bull being driven around town as sort of a showcase on Christmas Day. When we saw the truck pull over into the park we just had to go and check out this weird advertising stunt.

Bruce the Bull, three years of age and a huge beast that filled the back of the truck almost. It really was a bizarre spectacle. I walked back home shaking my head.

We could all sense Gran struggling a bit today. She’s not been quite right recently and spent a few hours up at Emergency ward at the Hospital a couple of days ago. She really struggled right from breakfast, peaked about afternoon and crashed later in the day after polishing off a rather decent sized meal for her standards. She was missing Pa which is totally understandable. She has also been requesting particular things or simply just expecting them to appear without telling anyone – and is then disappointed when it doesn’t come to fruition and is confused and irritated. It’s mainly around food cravings. She’s not really been talking very much either.

Potatoes from the garden put to use in a potato salad for Christmas lunch.

It was a relatively relaxing day spent within our family bubble! I am tired and I’m off to get some rest.

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