Take what the day gives

From time to time I briefly observe the remarkable sights of other peoples blogs and websites. It's both an experience of awe and total disenchantment to me. Awe at others endeavours and successes. Disenchantment on reflection of our own current state of utter chaos and the relentlessness of working through the mundane list of chores … Continue reading Take what the day gives

Departure from Chaos

Dear Reader, If you are a practitioner of the gentle and subtle art of 'reading between the lines' you may be interested to know - that perhaps you were right - this blog has become a collision. A mish mash of permaculture practices and personal, daily insights and reflections. At least for now. No apologies, … Continue reading Departure from Chaos

The Salvation of Less

In life there are objects. And there is space. I am currently rediscovering a fascination and attraction to the space between objects. Periodically, as time permits, we return to a space of creating space. The selling continues as we reduce the items surrounding us. Gradually we whittle down the list of possessions and still there … Continue reading The Salvation of Less