Generational Misconduct

Gran opened the fridge door, took a hearty dollop of chilled, gelatinised bone broth from the container and dumped it on her morning porridge. "I thought it was stewed fruit." she said. "No, it wasn't. It was bone broth." said Mrs PP. "It didn't taste very nice." "No." None of us could dispute that. It … Continue reading Generational Misconduct

Changes to Lifestyle

"... we have found that basic personal habits and behaviours are some of the most difficult and sensitive to deal with, and yet they are at the heart of the ecologically dysfunctional nature of modern society."                        David Holmgren This post will probably be more … Continue reading Changes to Lifestyle

Some Notes on Multi-Generation Living

"Generations of vacuum cleaners have sustained themselves on very little but dust and pieces of Lego ."  Mr Petit Paradis When my mother-in-law came to live with us following the passing of the Prof, I had no idea what to expect. My terms of reference for such a life altering event such as this was … Continue reading Some Notes on Multi-Generation Living