The New Tillellan Project

This is the current project which involves a major renovation of an old family home. In comparison to our previous garden we are taking things to another level. The greywater treatment will incorporate a professional set-up. Solar energy will be utilized. Solar passive design will be incorporated into the existing house. Various other features will contribute to making the old house a new, vibrant and comfortable home with energy efficiency in mind.

A permaculture garden will be added. This needs to be built from scratch on a base of coastal sand in Albany, Western Australia. Again, we are continuing with the concept of intensively utilising the land that we have.

Our family dynamics have changed also. We not only have two young, active sons, but a Grandmother who has various needs and requirements. This has meant having to address some ‘internal’ issues alongside the ‘external’ issues of garden and animals. As a result the recording of information has changed. The blog has transitioned from a personal record of experiences to a documented form of experiences that we share much more publically than previously. We do this to offer something of our own experiences to those that can learn from them or find inspiration through them.