It’s been about 6 months since we moved into our new home. Things in the garden are looking a little different to the summer-hardened garden that existed back then. Even with rather warm sunny days it didn’t seem long before the plants were going into hibernation. The natives however are in full bloom at the moment.

The native wisteria, a rather mundane, snaking kind of vine hanging for dear life on the wooden fence is alive with purple flowers and another with a pinkish-white. The myrtles are about to break out in another bout of bloom and the bottle-brush is underway and hasn’t really seemed to stop since summer much to the delight of the New Holland Honeyeaters.

I have found myself trying to organise a ways and means of recording my observations in the garden and given that there are photo records and inventive concepts I wish to record, along with some audio and text it only seemed logical to use a blog to record these things. So, primarily it is kind of a personal garden journal, but I figure that those interested may benefit from it and it allows me to easily share my information and learning with those I come across.

The main impetus behind all of this is a desire to work on an Introductory Permaculture Design course that I enrolled for around the same time we moved house. I figured that given it is something that I am interested in and I would be using the block and house to try out some concepts, I might as well do a course and give the whole thing a bit of direction.

Initially, my main overall concept was to create an urban environment that is as self-sustaining as is practiacally possible and at the same time evolve it into a highly bio-diverse environment.

Permaculture Visions have a website right here.

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