January Rain

What an amazing day. We went from 37.5 degrees Celsius around midday to a heavy rain shower from large, grey ominous clouds. Very much like a tropical climates.

This was great for the garden with around 15mm recorded around town. Some of the larger trees and shrubs were weighed down with the rain on their branches. The rain water tank must have been low (as its pressure was suggesting) as I could hear water running into it quite loudly.

I have a list of tasks to do in the garden tomorrow so this rain has freshened things up and will make things a little easier I think. I want to change some plants around and do some planting.

So nice to have a decent down pour or two!

They did say on the news that it’s the wettest January day on record for four years, but given that we are only five days into the month I don’t know that it really means much!

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