Permaculture is Design

I never really quite got that “Permaculture is Design – it’s not gardening. Gardening is a part of it.”, as Bill Mollison says. It’s the one thing most everyone thinks about when you say the word ‘permaculture’. It has only really been through making more of a conscious effort in planning what I have been doing in the garden that it has sunk in. After all it’s what is also happening in and around the house and what is coming into the house and leaving the house as well.

A huge amount of the materials used have either been recycled or re-used or bought second hand. I am also wanting the materials to blend in with the house and to look a part of the scene. Not just tacked-on. Which is why I am taking my time to plan out the aquaponics side of things. I priced materials today and look like I will go back to my original idea of half barrels. More to come on this one.

Here are some fresh pics of some of the autumn happenings.

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