Scavenging Locally

In the mornings my wife and I go for a walk around town. Usually I casually guide the route as my wife divulges of whatever it is she wishes to divulge as we spend this time together at the start of our day. Lately, the weather has been really enjoyable. Pleasurably warm for most of the last few weeks with the fresh coolness moving in over the last fortnight.

The stars are out, the moon is bright, the space station is a bright star in the east and by the time we have done our hours walk the sun is on its way and the chook usually has an egg waiting for us as they are released from the coop into the straw-yard.

On these walks I have taken up the practice of scouting for plants in the area. Many of these I don’t really touch as I don’t know what they have been in contact with, but there is a vacant block nearby that has a bunch of weeds and grass growing on it. In particular, dandelion , the weed of choice according to our guinea pigs. I can see areas where the grass has been sprayed but the weeds are untouched and usually grow further into the block away from the kerbside. I usually grab a small bunch of these to offer the guinea pigs on our arrival home.

It is surprising to take a mental audit of some of the plants around the area. A friend of mine does similar and has noted some significant finds such as old fruit trees on vacant blocks and a garden with an avocado tree. It gives you a good idea of what trees and plants will thrive and survive in the area.

A good enough reason to get me out of bed for a walk. Particularly as the days grow shorter and colder!

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