Winter Pumpkin

Here is the pumpkin that was self-sown by one of the micro-soaks at the top of the garden. This is about 7 feet up from the ground and probably 9 feet from the roots of the plant. It is nestled very snugly in the native wisteria and the leaves get a lot of sun during the day being up high – so there isn’t much leave mold forming yet. I think we’ll probably see this one through. Pumpkin in winter! This is probably more to do with the micro-climate than climate change however.

Also worth noting is that the native wisteria further down the garden – the white flowering one – actually had flowers open on it on Sunday. The rest of the vine is yet to break out and I noticed today that the olive-leaf grevillia is forming flowers. Last year it was covered in them and fed the honeyeaters and parrots for several months.

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