July Update

Since the last post there have been wild winds, heavy rain showers and sunny days with chilly, chilly nights. Something to do with the Earth being the furthest from the Sun in its orbit I think. The broad beans are coming up. The guinea pigs are hunkered down under the house and the chooks have been laying quite frequently. We get about a dozen eggs a week at the moment, if not slightly more.

We’ve had a Rufous Whistler female visit the garden and loads of silver-eyes are making their daily visit. The native wisteria began to flower around the start of the month as did the grevillia olivacea – which should be in full swing soon and being visited every minute by the birds.

The self-sown tomatoes from summer are starting to form fruit despite the cooler temperatures and the banana is doing well with the extra sunlight since the trees were felled.

Nothing happening yet with the aquaponics due to work and other commitments but I have picked up the extra fish tank and the pump is on its way this week. I am hoping to have the benches back in form this weekend or late the following week and then I’ll be in a position to start setting it all up again and adding the pump, tank and putting in the gravel – again.

Oh, and the Carbon tax debate has heated up after Sundays ‘launch’. Oh, oh.

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