Work In Progress

My garden has turned into an obsession.

It’s crazy. But its getting closer to where I would like it. After moving the lemon tree and lime yesterday to new, sunny spots in the garden beds with their own little patches I planted out the italian parsley from the wine barrels. I was amazed that the roots went so far down. I’m sure if put in the ground the actual tap roots of the parsley would go nearly a metre! So I have decided that they will be of more benefit planted in the garden than pots. And it’s a wonder that the lemon and lime survived with the limited nutrients.

So now they are all planted out in the larger garden bed on the sunny side of the house. The lemon, the lime, some parsley plants and 160 cloves of garlic with a couple of freesias thrown in for something pretty to look at.

The aquaponics system is testing me. I replaced the watering pipe to the garden beds today with pvc and just had the water running through holes. It worked a little better, but I had to also face up to the conclusion that on paper the pump I got is capable of what they say it is, but in reality, I really need a bigger pump.

It’s working alright at the moment, but nowhere near where I would like it to be. Still I look for a solution…

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