Garden Update – Early October

Last week was fairly eventful really. So a bit to put down here.

Firstly, I went out to the property my brother has been “house sitting”. He had a heap of soil delivered there and wasn’t using it so over two consecutive mornings we piled up two trailer loads of soil destined for the back garden bed I built a few weeks ago – along with some compost bins and bits of wire and odds and ends that will practically enable me to finish the garden off as I have planned it. So a very helpful and productive time all up.

That was Friday and Saturday. After the second trip on Saturday my wife got me organised to visit the local community garden (pictured above) which had advertised a get together for swapping produce and seeds etc. We turned up to find that a small organic gardening class was also taking place so we joined in for a bit before heading off to do our other things for the day. ie shoveling a trailer load of soil, etc

What I thought was interesting was that one of the facilitators of the little organic gardening class was a woman who ran a permaculture weekend course that I attended ten years ago when I bought my first house. In many ways it was interesting to reflect – while shoveling garden soil later that day – about the journey taken over the last ten years.

One thing in particular is my experience of gardening in the sand here. So much so, I decided maybe it is something I should record on my blog and plan to do so over the next few days.

My brother and his dog Gizmo taking a run behind the trailer for a bit of exercise.

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