The Moaning Frog

This is a Moaning Frog, otherwise known as Heleioporus eyrei or just plain Jack the Frog.

It might also be fittingly called a Sandy Soil Frog because that is where it is found, as well as in trailers of garden soil, which is where I found this one. That was on the first day of getting soil from my brothers. The second day I was a bit more careful about digging and still managed to find another one in the trailer when putting it in the garden. Unfortunately the second one was missing a back left leg but nonetheless managed to move off from where I had placed it (under the same bush near a nice sandy spot where I placed the one the day before).

This I am not sure about because I know the call these frogs have and hopefully they are far enough down from the house not to trouble us in autumn when they begin their calling which is quite a loud, plaintive kind of moan. That is if they are males. So I will keep an ear out to note whether I hear two calls or not.

Regardless, I am happy to have frogs in the garden.

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