Sun Showers

Today was very much a catch up with friends and family day. In between I still managed to get seeds into soil and do some pruning and look after the chickens – and take some photos to record what is happening in the garden. In between sun showers too.
I also wanted to document the paper boxes I have been making for particular seedlings that don’t like transplanting too much. I find these newspaper cups very handy for starting off sunflowers, zucchinis, pumpkins or any larger seeds that I want to get started early and then plant into spots in the garden when the area becomes available.
I don’t really read the newspaper much at all. A quick skim through now and then, but I find that it is so much better put to use in the garden for mulching and seedling cups. Once the seedlings are on their way the pots are planted straight into the soil and the soil life breaks them down further.
They are easy to make and once you’ve made a couple they can be done quite quickly. You can find a great tutorial for making them here.

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