The Backyard Gardening Blog – We are not alone, you and I.

Now and then I come across others that are keeping similar garden records. In amongst a whole heap of fancy gardening websites and blogs there appears to be a growing number of people doing the backyard gardening blog, and doing it very well I think.
Here are a couple I’ve come across that I thought I would share. I say ‘share’ because I have become increasingly aware that my little blog of backyard projects and personal notes is being used as inspiration and motivation for numerous folks. These are some of the blogs that inspire me.

500M2 in Sydney is just that. Read what this guys got growing in his yard. I have yet to make my own list but it is one of the main goals of my garden – to grow as many edibles as possible!
These are not the only ones I check out, but some to get you started. I haven’t even sought these out, just stumbled over them researching stuff, so let me know if you have any regular favourites. I will assume that a growing number of backyard gardening blogs means a growing number of backyard gardeners!

Wife and Rainbow!

2 thoughts on “The Backyard Gardening Blog – We are not alone, you and I.

  1. Thanks for the shout out 🙂 I really need to update my 'what's growing' list, but hubby uses it to hassle me about my irrational gardening enthusiasm!

    (and if I update it properly, he might just notice I'm growing a choko vine, then go out and hunt it down ;P)

    Just discovered your blog today – you're encouraging me to grow water chestnuts – I *love* those things!



  2. Oh no for the choko!

    Last year I had one vine cover most of our deck. It's nearly there already after growing back from last years root stock. I estimated that if I had 15 vines I could cover the whole house!

    Thanks for the reply. Go the water chestnuts!


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