A Mulching Adventure

The new raised garden bed at the back of the block is in need of fill.

The broad beans are nearly done and there are corn and tomato plants that I just had to get in somewhere. The rest of the garden bed is still shallow and the dirt that I put in there is not all that desirable so it needs a lot of assistance and building up.

Accepting an offer of stained oaten hay on our local freecycle listings I engaged the assistance of my Father In-Law and his dutiful trailer to pick up some of the hay bales. The plan was to get enough for the back garden bed and hopefully enough to put into Dads newly built raised garden and kick it off for a few summer plantings.

The paddock was some way out of town, but we found it easy enough. Firstly we helped a father and his sons get their car out of the bog. Then they hitched up their trailer of hay and set off happily. We went about negotiating how to get our bales. You see, the recent heavy rainfall has meant a bit of turmoil for local farmers. This is what some were having to contend with.
Yes, oh dear. My Father In-law, having been a farmer knew something of the dilemma and heartache. Still, the farmer wanted his bales off the place so we piled up the trailer. Some bales were truly soaked around the bottom. Most of them were already homes to busy, thick, long worms.

We set off to drop them home and get them into the garden. Truly grateful for the opportunity to make something practical and sustaining out of someone’s chaos. This generosity has meant that Dad can get his newly built raised garden bed underway for summer – and with the addition of the straw and everything else he’s been putting into the garden bed, it should be beautiful gardening soil in no time at all.

And as for Petit Paradis, well, something like this means I can practically drought-proof the garden for summer. A thick blanket of mulch is just what was in order. With a bale spare to let the chooks kick up in!

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