New Zealand Food Bill 160-2 (2010)

This is not the normal sort of post that I would do. But then it’s not the normal sort of situation either. This is something I think everyone needs to be AWARE of. A Food Bill of this nature would have far reaching consequences not just for New Zealand but for other countries also. The agencies behind this are just as likely, in my opinion, to further their own cause beyond the legal and geographical boundaries of a country like New Zealand. I’ve linked in the titles for easy researching and I am keen to hear comments.

New food bill in New Zealand takes away human right to grow food

The article jumps to some conclusions I think. However, read through the Bill below and try and tell me it’s not limiting, restricting and utterly controlling to those that want to produce food either as a business or for non-profit.


Food Bill


The link for this page doesn’t want to work oddly enough. You can find it here.

This may just be the beginning. If it can happen in New Zealand what is to prevent it happening elsewhere? If you wanted to bring something like this Food Bill in yourself, wouldn’t you pick a small, western country as a test case before imposing it on the rest of the world?


Oppose the NZ Food Bill Legislation

This is the Facebook page for those wanting to keep up-to-date with what is happening.


Proposed NZ Food Bill ‘ridiculous’, says industry leader


Leading expert on political food threats Ian Crane to tour New Zealand


Food, illegal? Not in my back yard.


Food safety backlash stuns government

Politicians and  government officials appear to have been blindsided by a backlash to new food safety laws, with nearly 4000 people signing a petition demanding change.
The petition argues that the sharing of food is a basic human right. 

Oppose the New Zealand Government Food Bill 160-2

This link is to the on-line petition. 

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