And so the Ants come . . .

We live on a sand dune. It is a matter of fact. Sandy sand with barely a trace of organic material in it. Fine, slightly grey and very hydrophobic. Areas that have not been disturbed much can be wet by days of rain or drizzle and if you break just an inch or so under the surface – dry. Bone dry.
Which is the reason for two things. My constant adding of newspaper and organic material to the soil – and the what I can only describe as an over abundance of ants.
Usually at this time of the year the ants decide to start moving inside. Why not, we like it inside too. Early this week they began. I’ve tried various mixes and stuff before to prevent this. I will admit I haven’t tried anything too strong or scary because I don’t want to cause other problems in the garden. I want to try to live peacefully with these little workers which, lets face it, do a bloody brilliant job of keeping the place tidy. So, I attack them half-heartedly. Which is why, ultimately, the ants return.
This year I have tried something a little more economical. A bit more logical. A lot easier. . . and so far it is working really well. It is early days yet, but the results were literally overnight.
Hold onto your wallets. Here is the result of years of ant-driven grief and frustration. Folks, this is it.

A plastic container with a little sugar and some water placed strategically near the entry point to the house – or thereabouts. Once I could locate a definite trail I moved the container further away so that the ants were not so close to the house. They seem to like it more than the house items – or the sugar and honey in the pantry. So much so that in the photo above they have just about cleaned up what was a decent helping of sugar just a few days ago. Some of the water would have evaporated, but there is no sugar to be seen, so needs refilling.

I suspect I will need possibly another container or two strategically placed around the house near areas where they have entered in the past. It is unashamedly a trade-off of a peace offering. But it works, and it’s a peaceable thing.

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