The Big Picture

I often think about what the big picture might look like.
You know, the BIG picture.
  • The one where there is a decline in the use of fossil fuels and alternative energy isn’t really an alternative – but eventually, totally necessary.
  • The global debt keeps getting juggled around and around until it finally hemorrhages and the only alternative for everyone is to really live within our means.
  • Where we all live more as communities rather than large, disjointed, isolating cities.
  • And where farms begin to grow crops and produce in ways that begin to heal the land and ultimately heal us.
Ideological? A pipe-dream? Maybe, but I’m curious as to what you think the big issues will be or what the world will look like in another 15 to 20 years.
This video might give you something to think about – as to how the world might look in another 20 years time and some of the challenges facing us. I would like to know what others really, strongly believe the future has in store for us. Please post below.

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