Learning to Scratch

It appears that overnight the little chicks have picked up the scratching technique from Jenny. I have been watching them each day and observing what they are getting taught. Yesterday they were still being shown food, directed to it and cleaning up bits and pieces that they found when Jenny scratched away areas of top soil or stones. This morning however they were all happily scratching at the dirt with their little feet, just like mum. Amazing.
They are very keen on the green caterpillars that are all through the garden at the moment. The caterpillars are even giving the nasturtiums a bit of a beating. I have sprayed areas with Dipel although it is nearly time for a change of some of the garden beds too, so a little damage isn’t going to matter too much and the plants that do count like the purple broccoli are quite robust and handling any attack from the caterpillars quite well.

My wife tells me that Jenny was also teaching the little ones how to have a dust bath. Laying down in the dirt and flicking their little wing tips around to spread dirt. Some got it quicker than others.

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