May 15 Garden Update

There are a few things to mention at the moment that I wish to record on the blog here. About a week and a half ago we had a Saffron crocus flowering in the frangipani pot. None of the others have flowered since and are still growing leaves.
About a week ago we had blue wrens in winter plumage visit the garden and today what looked like an immature Golden Whistler. First time records for the property since we moved here for both of these species. Today the garden was full of silver eyes fetching green caterpillars from the plants.
Our chook, Clarice, one of the little bantams has not been well with nasty growths over much of her exposed skin areas. She was quarantined and her diet watched closely. She is now coming along really well and looking healthy.
The rain has come, along with hail last Sunday. For about the last week there has been decent showers which has soaked the garden.
For about the last two weeks we have had one of my friends boar guinea pigs running with Helmi and Tuulia. Maiki and Jazz have remained in the little pen on the deck. Jules the guinea pig will be returned shortly.
There are still a few leaves on the apricot tree and the tamarillo have been laden with brilliant reddish fruit that contrast with the winter green on the garden. I have been eating the tamarillo’s fresh from the garden as I have been eating a raw diet for the last week or so. This has had me thinking of the impact that such a diet has. So far I have been allowing my body to make the change. As each day passes I am feeling better and better and clearer in my mind. Lighter in my body. I imagine I will post more on this at a later date as it has the potential to really impact the types of plants I grow in the garden.
The chokos have been going strong for about the last month. I have given many away and pickled some for storing in the fridge short term. I like the choko vine. It is such an abundant, luxurious plant.
The garden is coming along well with the broad beans about 60 cm tall and peas flowering and fruiting. The salad greens are going really well which has enabled me to easily maintain a diet of large, varied salads and green smoothies.
The beetroot in the tubs are coming along well. About golf ball size at the moment.
Some tomato seeds have self sown and are already 30 cms high. Other tomato plants that have been sheltered by the sugar cane are still growing and producing fruit from summer. The back bed is soaked through and the compost bins are going well. The soil is full of earthworm activity.

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