The Ringing Cedars of Russia – Dachniks and The Way Forward

Friends shared with us at our local Community Garden meet about a series of books they have been reading called the Ringing Cedars of Russia series.
The books sounded intriguing and so I looked into them and consequently opened up a new world to contemplate. I won’t go into the series here as there is a heap of stuff that any search engine will happily deliver up for you. Instead I would like to focus on some of the ideas portrayed in the books and why they resonate with me. Mainly it is due to the fact that they are ideas or concepts I am already putting into practice. Perhaps further down the track I will go into some of the ideas I have taken from the books and what I have done with our own garden and family.
In the meantime, the books talk about home gardens or plots called Dachniks. For an interesting article, description and some impressive figures and stats check out this article.
This is very much my own experience in our backyard. This post from the EQ Journal has a few specifics as to why this style of gardening works well.

This is very much in line with the style of gardening that is seen as being the way ahead for developed countries as mentioned in Richard Mannings’ book Against the Grain. I’m not sure what is lacking. It lies somewhere in the realms of being lazy, distracted by our culture and its social norms, following the herd, not being knowledgeable or fit enough to even start. . . there just isn’t a compelling desire for most people. It almost seems ironic that the way ahead is actually the way back to previous small-scale farming and allotment style gardening.

It is clear that The Ringing Cedars of Russia series has stirred the desire in modern day Russians to compel them enough to go back to their Dachniks. Gradually it is inspiring people the world over to at least create a garden or a “Space of Love” wherever they can. This is what we have done here with our garden and plan to do with the new garden and house project.

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