Australian Backyard Gardening Blogs & Websites

I did a post on other backyard gardening blogs some years ago and recently did a new search to find that we are growing in number.
As though it is not enough that folks are taking to claim the backyard as a piece of productive edible gardening space and a real place of interest, many are recording their journeys on-line, much as we are doing. This is heartening and inspiring.
Here is a more recent list of active sites for future reference. With the planning of the new garden and house(s) underway it will make checking out ideas and the experiences of others a little more handy.
Zucchini Island  an urban families quest to feed themselves from their backyard. Check out the inspiring story on Jason’s “What is this about?” tab.
The Suburban Tomato – another great record of a suburban gardeners journey.
500m2 in Sydney – a long-term regular favourite I like to drop in on from time to time. A very classy, well put together blog that inspires me.
The Good Life Down Under – the continuing adventures of Margo & Jerry. Variety, so much variety!
Vegetable Vagabond – coming to us from Cygnet in Tasmania.
The New Good Life – another blog with a bit of variety and travel and urban adventures thrown in.
Dancing with Frogs –  if you have a Thermomix, which we are fortunate enough to and use several times a day, you may find this blog useful.
The Greening of Gavin – a pleasant journey into the very depths of backyard sustainability! Walking the talk.
Suburban Digs – the adventures of Michael & Mel.
Bees Hive –  I too, like Georgia aspire to keep bees when we move to our new house block, so in the meantime this is a great resource as we learn more about the world of bees.
And last of all the Sustainable, Simple, Slow Living Blog at Sustainable Suburbia.  Very much a short cut to the whole process where Kirsten has set up a Linky List of Sustainable bloggers. Though unfortunately it does not have recent activity on the blog you can still use the fantastic resource to find other great sites to inspire you. Click here for the list.

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