October Update

With two very active, healthy young boys I have hit a major challenge recently. I don’t have the time I feel I need to keep the garden ticking along as it should. Not one to give up easily I’ve had to make do with small bursts of action in the garden. Not easy when your tired. Let alone recording the challenges in a blog post. It’s a good thing I can touch type!
As it happens I’ve also started to make a few structural changes to the garden and so I’m caught on the hop of sowing seeds, getting soil set up and having to do 5 things in order to achieve completing one.
The weather has also made a mockery of the situation. Not that I mind. The sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain routine is great for this time of the year so it’s another indication that I’m still on the mark with getting stuff in the ground and sorted out. Five minutes ago we had thick grey cloud cover, no sun and heavy, heavy rain. Now it’s overcast with broken sunlight and breezy. Again, its a matter of on, off, on, off coordination with everything else that is demanding of time.
Torrential down pour at 14:30. The garden is under reconstruction!
Twenty minutes later at 15:00 it’s bright and sunny
It occurred to me today that farmers at least have the time to sow and harvest and do everything else in between. Backyard gardeners in comparison have to usually make the time in amongst a normally busy urban lifestyle. Sometimes, as I am finding, this is not fun. And not easy.
But I have to say that even just some time in the garden seems to be necessary occurrence these days – as some sort of spiritual grounding.
So, hitting the soil this week were:
Rattlesnake beans
Lazy Housewife beans
Cherokee Wax beans
and some Blue Lake from yesterdays Produce Swap.
There are Swaziland White Maize seedlings coming along in the hot house along with cucumbers, zucchinis and tomatoes. 
As I finish off this post it is 20:40 and it is raining quite heavily outside. A blocked gutter pipe is causing a waterfall cascading down the side of the house which will need looking at. Another thing to add to the list!

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