Milk Kefir – Welcome Home!



Mr DIG was curious about Milk Kefir. He was asking questions. Seeking further information. So with a little inquiring we procured some in a matter of hours. From Miss L.

“Where are we meeting her?” DIG asked.

“Outside the 24 Hour Gym.”

“OK.” He said in a tone indicating the dubious sounding nature of the rendezvous. I could tell his curiosity was growing.

Following the carpark meet up, our new addition to the Petit Paradis family was cradled safely in a little jar on Mr DIG’s lap. Our next stop had us pulling into a drive-way where Mr DIG was quick to spot the Adult Shop.

“We’re not going to the Adult Shop are we?”

“No.” I replied. “Not the front anyway. I prefer to park out the back.” Which we did so that we could go to the Vege Shop to purchase some Moonshine Milk.

DIG’s intrigue and wonder as he transcended into the crazy world of Mr Petit Paradis & The Culture of the Milk Kefir was a joy to witness.


As a family we’ve had a reasonable break from milk kefir and I was keen to get some going for summer. I thoroughly enjoyed it in smoothies and as Mrs PP had pointed out, despite being a dairy product, it had left a gap in our gut health and a missing link in our arsenal for fighting off immune system invaders.

Our last culture we had for over seven years and despite searching the depths of the chest freezer and fridge freezer I could not locate any.  I was sure I had put our culture into long-term storage and ‘perfect hibernation’. At any rate, we had managed to obtain a shiny, new, bright culture from our carpark rendezvous and things were looking up for Mr DIG and gut health.

“It’s like a family pet.” I told DIG. “It needs regular feeding. You have to manage it and look after in. Talk to it nicely. Put it in the fridge to slow it down if you’re going away for any length of time. It takes a little while to get acquainted, but it’s potentially a friend for life.”

For all things kefir I thoroughly recommend the following site for stacks of information.

Dom’s All About Kefir Grains & Kefir

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