Fine, Humid, Hazy

It’s been really muggy the last few days. We had a shower of rain Tuesday night which freshened the garden up – then the sun came out.

I’d like to report that I’ve progressed things in the garden and built new garden beds, sorted out the animals and got things ready for autumn planting . . . but no, this has not occurred.


On top of the usual chores around the house, the growing list of jobs such as finishing the tidy up of the other house, and sorting things out in our new house to a respectable level . .  well, it keeps falling back. We’ve had visits and further trades folk calling in to tidy up loose ends.  Visitors for Gran to look over options for mobility and comfort and ease of living.

In essence I’ve simply given up with setting and working to a deadline for getting the house on the market. I have one, but I’m not attached to it by any means.

So really, just so you know, I haven’t gone away. I’m just mostly off-line sorting stuff out.

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